Modern Web Application

This highly responsive HTML5 application leverages the power of modern web browsers to provide Autodesk customers with an elegant way to manage their accounts.

The app implements an MVC architecture built on the BackboneJS framework, loading content data via AJAX calls and rendering it on demand as the user navigates.

Working as part of a team, my role consisted of front-end architecture and development, including design and implementation of client-side data models, views, business logic, and unit tests.


Used by customers the world over, the app is rigourously internationalized and supports over a dozen different languages. Carefully styled widgets and text containers allow the app to gracefully handle variable length strings.

In addition to Backbone, we've used a number of other libraries, frameworks, and tools to bring the app to life, including:

  • Require (dependency management)
  • Handlebars (templates)
  • Bootstrap (styles, widgets)
  • Jasmine (unit tests)